eDiscovery is far more valuable when integrated with your legal process, this is how we help.

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eDiscovery as a competitive advantage

To many, the term eDiscovery implies that services only apply to disputes and the process of discovery. The reality is that eDiscovery has evolved and done well, applies to a range of complimentary services that create a competitive advantage for legal teams throughout an entire matter, from the very start until the very end.

Not only that, but a good eDiscovery partner can add value to virtually any legal task that involves the review of data and documents, which extends well beyond the realm of disputes. The eDiscovery process is a culmination of individual processes that can be assembled and deployed in an almost infinite number of workflows which help solve the challenges data poses to lawyers on their matters.

The right partner will be able to construct the best workflow to suit the specifics of your matter with reference to the deadline, the outcome sought, the subject matter, the jurisdiction and commercial requirements, as well as the size and type of data.

We focus on technical solutions

We combine the various eDiscovery and the related solutions to become a valuable workflow, a methodology. As a result, it is not a matter of if eDiscovery and the peripheral solutions will assist you, but a matter of how. We focus on technical solutions so you can focus on the law.

Our expert team of lawyers and technologists are available to assist you with navigating all stages of your matter, from the first meeting, through scoping, to completion. As specialists we continually invest in R&D and best practice so we can advise our partners with confidence. These insights culminate in helpful resources for lawyers and decision-makers.

You focus on the law

We regularly help legal teams transition into more integrated partnerships that are tailored to their support requirements across workflows for data collection, analysis, management, and review. Sky Discovery partners with clients beyond engagement on a single matter and we progressively implement solutions that become key competitive advantages for the legal teams we work with.

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